A Charming Show of Holiday Spirit, Newport Beach Boat Parade

Newport Beach Boat Parade

What are you doing this year at Christmas? If you plan to be around Southern California, you shouldn’t miss the Newport Beach Boat Parade. It is one of the pioneer, famous boat parades which is celebrated for decades. Thousands of people every year celebrate the holiday season with this charming event.

When is the Newport Beach Boat Parade?

Like previous years, the event will start on the third Wednesday of December and end on Sunday.

This year, Newport Beach Boat Parade dates are 13-17 December 2023.

The Newport Beach Boat Parade: What to Expect

For 5 nights, numerous boats decked out in various lights and festive accents congregate in Newport Harbor every evening and parade along a 14-mile course.The procession lasts approximately three and a half hours and begins at 6:30 p.m. Finding a position along the port or making a reservation at one of the numerous waterfront restaurants that offer ideal viewing areas are the best ways to watch the parade.

Visitors are treated to a breathtaking show of lights and festive cheer as the boats parade down the port. The boats come in all different sizes and forms, from enormous yachts to tiny dinghies, and each one is uniquely painted.

People of all ages can enjoy the Newport Beach Boat Parade, which is a wonderful monument to the festive spirit. The parade is a must-see event that is guaranteed to make an impact, whether you are a local or visitor.

Where to Watch Newport Beach Boat Parade?

Public beaches, waterfront eateries, and private residences along the parade route are just a few of the places in and around Newport Harbor where spectators may watch the Newport Beach Boat Parade. Balboa Peninsula, Newport Harbor’s coastline, and Balboa Island are a few locations where people choose to see the fireworks.

A lot of the local eateries and hotels also provide special deals and reservations for great viewing locations. Parking can be difficult, so it’s better to plan ahead and arrive early, it should be noted. It’s also a good idea to verify with the event organizers or the exact viewing spot in advance because certain viewing places can charge a fee or require reservations.

How to Have Fun at the Newport Boat Parade

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you intend to watch the Newport Beach Boat Parade. To start with, get there early to get a decent viewing area. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the parade, excellent viewing areas quickly sell out.

Second, wear warm clothing. Even while Newport Beach is recognized for its temperate climate, the nights in December may get chilly, especially close to the sea.

Then, think about making a reservation at one of the numerous waterfront restaurants with excellent viewing areas. Although these reservations might be expensive, they are a terrific opportunity to take in the parade and a delectable lunch.

The Newport Beach Boat Parade’s History

The annual Newport Beach Boat Parade is held in the coastal community of Newport Beach, California. Since 1908, the parade has been a cherished custom and a celebration of the Christmas season. The festival is well-known for its breathtaking display of boats, each of which is decked out in a variety of shimmering lights and festive accents. Let’s have a look at the history of the Newport Boat Parade and examine what makes it such a unique event.

When local gondolier John Scarpa decked out his boat with Japanese lights and organized a tiny parade across Newport Harbor, the Newport Beach Boat Parade had its start. The celebration swiftly acquired notoriety, and by the 1930s it had developed into a cherished holiday custom. The procession has grown in scope and breadth over the years, with hundreds of vessels taking part each year.

The Newport Boat Parade is one of the biggest in the nation right now, drawing tourists from all over the globe. The procession is organized by the Newport Beach Christmas Boat procession committee, a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the event’s success.

Final Thought

Over a century has passed since the Newport Beach Boat Parade first fascinated tourists. People of all ages participate in this parade to celebrate and feel the festive spirit. The Newport Beach Boat Parade is an outstanding event that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Mark this event in December on your calendars and prepare to be delighted by the Newport Beach Boat Parade.

Also, in early December another boat parade is held in California, Dana Point Boat Parade. If the Newport Beach Boat Parade’s dates will not be suitable for you, you can consider to visit Dana Point. Or if you are a real boat parade enthusiastic, then don’t miss this perfect opportunity to double the fun!

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