Bruges Boat Tour: A Unique Perspective on the City

canals of bruges

Located in the northwest of Belgium, Bruges’ breathtaking beauty has earned its popularity among tourists across Europe. Its medieval structures, cobbled streets, and charming canals are must-see attractions that should be explored while seeking out some hidden gems best discovered during a boat tour. Here are some of the highlights of a Bruges boat tour.

Exploring The Canals of Bruges

At the heart of this city, there lies a complex canal network, a meander, that is best explored through a peaceful boat ride. Navigate your way through narrow sections under iconic, low lying bridges past picturesque buildings, discovering some of the unexplored parts that you could have missed by walking alongside the banks. Admire the tree-lined walkways embellished with flowers, take note of swans synonymous with the waters, and enjoy the scenic views exclusive only to boat travel in the canals of Bruges.

Discovering The Beguinage

Located right at the center of Bruges lies an idyllic haven named “The Beguinage.” It comprises primarily of white houses and a church – once home to Beguines; nuns who observed celibacy as a religious order. Welcoming visitors from all over, the complex is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is growing in reputation amongst travelers even though it has not yet lost its quietness and serenity, making boat tours the ideal approach when visiting. Through the small canal leading visitors unto the Beguinage, behold the tranquil gardens and quaint churches that make this experience unforgettable.

The Windmills of Bruges

Beautifully situated near the outskirts of this picturesque city, Bruges is well known for its nostalgic windmills. Initially utilized to mill grain and pump water, these edifices are now mainly adored among tourists as scintillating attractions.

Boating on any of the nearby rivers provides spectacular vistas of the towering structures, scattered above their surrounding fields. For visitors wishing to see them, listed below are the highlights of a boat tour.

  • The Canals: The heart of the city, explored from a different perspective
  • The Beguinage: A peaceful and tranquil oasis in the heart of Bruges
  • The Windmills: A beautiful sight, especially from the water

A tranquil journey gliding along the canals, skirting past the Beguinage, and ultimately reaching the windmills is an idyllic way to traverse Bruges. Such a leisurely odyssey allows for a fresh perspective of the city’s dazzling panoramas which otherwise may have gone unnoticed on foot. Do not pass up the chance to explore the clandestine treasures of Bruges by boat tour.

Exploring the Historic Canals of Bruges by Boat

Tucked in the northwest corner of Belgium, Bruges is renowned for its historic canals that have transcended time. Formerly utilized for trading and transport, these famous waterbodies are now popular destinations among travelers. One of the most memorable ways to experience the affluent waterways of Bruges is by taking a boat tour. 

bruges boat tour

A Guide to the Best Bruges (Brugge) Boat Tours for Every Budget

Situated in Belgium, the picturesque city known as Brugge, or Bruges in Flemish (or Dutch) , is famous for its gorgeous canals.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, fret not since there are plenty of affordable boat tours that allow you to savor Bruges without having to overspend. Here are some great choices:

  • Bruges Canal Tour: This 30-minute ride along the canals gives tourists just enough time to marvel at the sights without burning a hole in their pockets, costing around €10 per person.
  • Minnewater Lake Boat Tour: Snaking through the beautiful Minnewater Lake, this route will only set you back around €8 per person.

For those who have slightly bit more money reserved for their tour budget, Mid-range boat tours in beautiful Bruges would be an excellent option. These are truly worth every cent. Check them out!

  • Private Canal Tour – If you’re seeking an intimate experience, then consider taking your own private canal tour. You can rent a canal boat by paying €50-€70 per hour for a group of up to 6 people to enjoy freely.
  • Historical Boat Tour – Travelers get to enjoy an informative guided trip while exploring sections & landmarks throughout different eras of Bruges’ history. It costs about €15 per person and the boat tours’ duration is again around half an hour.

And if budget is no problem when looking for a memorable Bruges adventure via boating, go ahead and indulge yourselves in luxury tour options that the city certainly doesn’t fall short of providing exquisitely. A few exclusive choice:

  • Exclusive Canal Tour – Enjoy being alone on a tour with a smaller group where unbelievably elegant scenes surround you. Being exclusively private, it lasts nearly 45 minutes and costs around €50 per person.
  • Champagne Canal Tour – Made especially for couples, will pamper you with champagne while indulging on a romantic night ride amid the city’s dreamy canals. With an average cost of €70, this excursion will last just under 45 minutes.

Regardless of your financial capabilities, when touring Bruges’ enchanting hub, there is sure to be a boat tour available that corresponds to your budget. Whether or not opting for something luxurious or pocket-friendly, the choices are vast; Witness firsthand how beautiful Bruges truly is from the water!

Bruges Boat Tour: An Unforgettable Romantic Experience

Looking for a charming and exclusive way for your romantic date in the exquisite city of Bruges? A boat tour may give you and your loved one an unforgettable experience. Bruges’ labyrinth of canals throughout its center, providing travelers with a one-of-a-kind scenery from a distinct point of view.

How to arrange your Bruges Boat Tour?

Booking a journey along the canals in Bruges is fairly easy. There are multiple alternatives available. You may easily book a tour by liaising with a local excursion company or directly visit one of the numerous rental locations dispersed all around the city.

Bruges Boat Tour Prices

The prices below are for Bruges Boat Tours which approximately take 30 minutes.

  • Boat Bruges: €8-€10
  • Canal Tours Bruges: €10-€12
  • Bruges by Boat: €8-€10

Disclamer: Be aware that the prices may change according to the time of day or season. Please, reach out to the boat companies directly in order to get the most up-to-date information directly from them.

The Experience of a Bruges Boat Tour

Upon booking your boat tour, you will embark on a peaceful canal cruise through Bruges. Typically spanning around 30 minutes, the journey houses some of the city’s magnificent ancient buildings.

With tranquility filling the air, it is a perfect opportunity for couples seeking ethereal moments together. Riding down the canals allows visitors to observe swaying bridges, vibrant-colored homes, and exquisite architecture.

Especially for the couples, we suggest that you consider taking more private boat options rather than big canal cruises for more relaxation and joy.


The famous Bruges boat tours promise a memorable experience. Spectacular vistas of vivacious houses, brilliant bridges, outstanding infrastructures, and more. Savor the fascinating Bruges canals.

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