Unveiling the Hidden Gems on a Lake Como Boat Tour

Lake Como Boat Tour

A visit to Italy’s northern region isn’t complete without a Lake Como Boat Tour. With its oriental Alps as a backdrop, and crystal-clear waters quietly undulating, you’re sure to be enchanted by this spectacular setting. Choose your individual experience among many lake touring options, such as private outings, group excursions, or if preferred even leasing your own vessel to sail across the illuminated surface. Moreover, getting an immersive view of the lake from the very middle of it unlocks unrivaled prospects.

Lake Como Boat Tour Things to Do

One of the primary destinations for all boat tours is the quaint township of Bellagio, nicknamed “the pearl of the lake” since it exists at the convergence of three branches in Lake Como. Soar through narrow passages lined with inviting cafes and charming shops, or check out the luxurious Villa Serbelloni, surrounded by perfectly sculptured green spaces. Meanwhile, the magnificent Villa del Balbianello – constructed in the 18th century – boasts luscious gardens, and terraces overlooking the aquatic scenery, and has been utilized in various films over the years – such as Star Wars and Casino Royale.

Run away to the paradisical Villa Carlotta during your tour and relish the intimate ambiance offered by 17th-century constructions, richly ornamented gardens containing sculptures & fountains, and delectable cafés on the soil. To top off your vacation and get that extra shot of gloriousness, don’t forget to stop by Isola Comacina. The island carries artwork, relaxing restaurants offering savory meals, and venues where you can take in majestic views of the lake from.

Your time spent experience sailing across Lake Como will remain a blissful memory that betokens beauty and magnitude. A multitude of gorgeous luxury villas, restful fishing towns, lush-green parks, and mountains enveloped in shimmering waters, along with other captivating features compose a magical getaway haven. Don’t wait any longer and book a Lake Como private boat tour today to explore these hidden gems!

Spectacular villas, glistening waters, and majestic mountain scenery: these are all constants at Lake Como, one of Italy’s most beautiful locations. Moreover, a voyage and tour over the lake bear no rival- permitting passionate explorers to uncover smaller gems along the lake’s coastline whilst beholding the panoramic views.

How much are boat tours on Lake Como?

There are many different types of boat tours available in Lake Como.

These differences are due to the routes, duration and boat types of the tours. You can enjoy the lake with short trips of a few hours, or you can spend the whole day on the water. Prices vary depending on the type of the tour you choose.

The cheapest option would be Lake Como public ferry boat tour.
It is an excellent budget friendly option especially for those who want to spend time not on the water but by visiting the picturesque towns around the lake. It stops in almost all popular towns and the ticket price is € 3.40 per person.

For those who want to stay on the boat for a longer time and participate in guided boat tours, there are many boat tours available, and the prices of tours of 3 hours and more start from € 50 per person.

Or for more freedom, you can think of renting your own boat and spend a fun day with your loved ones.
The boat rental prices start from € 150 , for a small 4-6 people size boat for 2 hours, and vary depending on the size of the boat and how long you want to stay on the water.

Do you need a boating license to rent a boat in Lake Como?

No, you don’t need to have a license to rent a boat in Lake Como, except for a couple of special boat types.

Lake Como Boat Tour, Towns and Villages

A Romantic Getaway: Lake Como Boat Tour for Couples

If your journey is leading you to Lake Como and it is your wish to maximize this spellbinding experience, here is comprehensive knowledge to fulfill your ideal voyage on the lake.

To begin, decide on the type of boat that would suit you most beneficially. The range of boats available in Lake Como is abundant — varying from small motorboats to opulent yachts. Those who want a romantic and intense opportunity ought to accept a classical wooden vessel with a private captain. For larger gatherings or families, a quicker thrilling option may be better and so, picking either a powerboat or yacht would serve them best.

Following this, plan and sketch an itinerary for yourself. The sights surrounding Lake Como many have been singled out on numerous occasions before — including old villas, tranquil fishermen villages, and lovely coves. Think about putting together a short list of the places to pay a visit; be mindful, however, that some spots can only be arrived by boat.

Do not forget to make acknowledgment your time for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, or sunbathing too. Lake Como offers remarkable clarity in its waters – reposeful and strengthening – thus, dipping into the lake could be nothing else but delightful!

Considering the timing of the venture, contemplate booking the journeying boat early in the morning or later afternoons to miss out on the hustle and bust of people as well as to stay away from the hottest hours of the day. Aligning a sunset cruise might offer you the chance to observe captivating shades of the sky above the lake.


Now, you are ready to visit Lake Como.
We wish you a good time in advance. If you have questions about Lake Como Boat Tour, you can reach us from the contact page or leave a comment below. Also, do not forget to mention your special memories in Lake Como.

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